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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sports Illustrated Q&A With Chris Lofton

One of our readers gave us the head's up that in Luke Winn's blog over at Sport's Illustrated there is a recent Q&A with Maysville Kentucky's favorite basketball player, Chris Lofton. The Maysville native, Lofton, led Mason County to the 2003 state basketball championship before becoming a shining star in college basketball playing for Tennessee.

From the interview:

LW: A little more about Maysville: Can you describe the basketball court that you liked to shoot on as a kid?

CL: I learned on a few different courts, inside and out, but the main one was where my Mom grew up, in a small town called Flemingsburg [17 miles south of Maysville]. I used to go up there, hang out with the family, and shoot all the time. It was in a place called Hillside Park. A cement court outside.

LW: Do you remember what the rims were like?

CL: The rims were tight there. I think it made me a better shooter. When you play on rims that tight, it's harder -- and you get used to being more accurate.

Read the entire interview at


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