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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Civil War Museum & Coffee Shop

I saw this article in the Maysville Magazette a few weeks ago and was waiting for them to put it on their website so I could link to it. It's about the Homefront Cafe on Second Street in downtown Maysville Kentucky. The Homefront Cafe is a full-service coffee shop that just happens to be a museum as well, covering the mid-19th century with a wide range of original and reproduction items on display (think Starbucks if it was started in the South during the 1800s). I should mention that the Homefront is ran by my folks, Lanette and Ernie Parnell. Hi Mom!
If you ask the Parnell's, they will say that it is a constant work in progress. It doesn't take one long to ask the question, "What more can be done to the Homefront Cafe?" Something unique to Maysville, it has a life all its own. With a coffee house theme and Civil War Museum to boot, this place is sure to draw the interest of the local or the out-of-towner.

After owning a traveling Civil War Museum and touring across the country, the Parnell's decided it was finally time to locate a place to call home. Something permanent was needed. That is how, last July, they ended up in Maysville, KY. Their museum, no longer viewed out of the back of their diesel truck, now sits in the back of the Cafe. Don't let the site fool you; the entire place is full of historical artifacts, books, and information that will make the average history buff salivate. (We haven't even talked about the food, yet.)

Although the menu isn't huge, it caters to the common appetite. Steaming home-made soups are offered everyday. Who knows what will be in the pot when you stroll in.... The Homefront Cafe has served about every kind of soup imaginable, from Chicken Noodle to Portabella Mushroom. It even comes with a fresh-baked homemade serving of their very own flat bread. You can smell the aroma when you walk in the door. Mmmmm!

Not hungry? Feel free to sit down with your computer in their Internet Friendly wireless Cafe. Enjoy a Latte, Coffee, or Sweet Tea. If you forget your computer, then read a book, or pursue the extensive collection of books adorning the shelves both up and downstairs.

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