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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kentucky's Going Green

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a bill recently passed the House of Representatives that would require the state to "formulate a plan to replace half of its passenger vehicles and light trucks with vehicles that run on alternative fuels". The bill needs to pass the Senate to become law, but in the House it was well received with a vote of 98-0. The 2007 Energy Independence Act also provides tax incentives for producers of alternative fuels according to the Herald-Leader.

The leading alternatives to fossil fuels are mostly agricultural-based. Biodiesel, for example, is fuel derived from vegetable oils. This could be good for Kentucky's agricultural regions, including the area around Maysville.

The push for green isn't just limited to the search for alternative fuels. Recently, there's been a surge in demand for organically grown food, like what is produced at Maysville's Herb Farm at Strodes Run.

An estimated 1,250 organic farmers attended last month's meeting of the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group in Louisville. According to a recent article in Louisville's Courier-Journal, "Sustainable agriculture involves food production methods that don't harm the environment, respects workers, raises animals humanely, provides fair wages to farmers and supports farming communities." At the meeting, organically raised pork was served with a shiitake dressing, using Maysville-grown shiitakes.

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