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Friday, March 02, 2007

Drama on the Court: Smith vs. Lofton

Uh oh, Maysville Kentucky is all about UK, and UK basketball. The University of Kentucky's coach is Tubby Smith. The biggest thorn in Tubby's side is Maysville-native Chris Lofton, who after being passed over by UK recruiters has led the Tennessee Volunteers in to an upset of Florida, the team that has usurped Kentucky’s spot atop the SEC. Some are calling for Smith's job and saying Lofton opened the door to it, like another Maysville-native who writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mark Bradley.

Bradley wrote:

I’ve always been the holdout who believed, despite ample rumors to the contrary, Smith wasn’t leaving Kentucky for any other job anywhere, but now I don’t know. When the AD can’t publicly support the basketball coach, is it time for the coach to go?

And if Tubby departs, won’t Lofton — a Maysville guy, of all things — be remembered as the player who opened the door?

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Jeremy said...

He's probably nostalgic for his hometown : ) It sounds to me that if he could find an AJC paycheck at the Ledger, he'd prefer that.

9:37 AM
Ken said...

One would think that in a city the size of Atlanta Bradley could find something other than this to write about. When C-Lo has graduated all of this will go away

8:33 AM

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