Saturday, March 18, 2006

Odd: Black Vultures Swarm on Livestock

One of the things we like to do is scan headlines for mentions of our local area. On one such excursion into the underbelly of the web, we came across a story that could have been appropriately saved for Halloween. As Heather MacWilliams at WTVQ in Lexington said, "It's a page out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds... swarms of black-headed vultures feeding on living things." I could have saved this story for Halloween, but after watching Stephen King's The Dark Half the other day, in which a swarm of sparrows devour a person whole, I thought I'd get the warning out sooner.

Recently it was reported that some 40 black-headed vultures swarmed in and attacked a farmer's newborn calf in the Maysville area.

"I'm not afraid of much but it sent a cold chill up your back just to see them ... They were in a semi-circle and just watching me," remembers Maysville farmer Eddie Gerhard.

"They were just all over the calf... on it's back and body. When I went to them they'd already pecked that calf's eyes out and had a hold in it's side."


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posted at 2:13 PM by Jeremy Parnell