Sunday, March 26, 2006

1902 Maysville Bank Note on Ebay - Ends 4/18

I'll be honest in saying I didn't expect to find this one on the web, but check out this eBay auction for an authentic $10 1902 Maysville Kentucky National Bank Note. Lucky I came across it, because the auction ends April 18, 2006. Strange what you find out there related to your home town. The seller is from New Jersey, after all.

The bid price is currently $349.00! Whew talk about inflation : )

Ebay auction link

posted at 2:03 AM by Jeremy Parnell


Jeremy said...

I tried to locate some sort of reference source to see how much this note might be worth but couldn't find one. I guess to the right person it may be worth $349. I once sold a double-stamped quarter on eBay that I thought was only worth 25 cents... maybe a bit more because it was unique. Turns out it went for $500!

8:15 PM

$349! I wonder how much the bill is actually worth today.

11:27 AM