Sunday, April 02, 2006

Historic District Expansion Possible

The Maysville City Commission will be meeting April 5th at 5:30 pm in the Municipal Building conference room to discuss whether the Downtown Historic District should be expanded to properties fronting on the north side of Fourth Street and those properties between Fourth Street and the current district. The expansion would include such historic buildings at the Bierbower House, Bowery House and Scott United Methodist Church on the south side of Fourth Street.

In an interview with the Mason County Beat, Zoning Administrator Matt Wallingford pointed out some of the benefits of an expanded historic district:

"Designation is an honor, meaning the community believes the architecture, history, and character of the area are worthy of recognition and protection. Historic district zoning can help to improve property values by stabilizing and enhancing the neighborhood's character, and it benefits property owners by protecting them from inappropriate changes by other owners that might destroy the special qualities of the neighborhood...

"Historic districts encourage better design, educate residents about their neighborhoods and ensure the architectural integrity of the district. Business owners and residents of these areas also gain by participating in protecting their investment. Buyers of property know that the aspects that make a particular area attractive will be protected over a period of time. Real estate agents often use historic district status as a marketing tool to sell properties."

More about the proposed expansion can be found in this Mason County Beat article.

posted at 5:26 PM by Jeremy Parnell