Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Video File: Experience Steamboatin'

For many years now, Maysville Kentucky has been a port for steamboats traveling along the Ohio River. The most frequent visitor is, of course, the Delta Queen, a stately steamboat in operation since 1947 and the flagship for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company.

According to the Delta Queen Steamboat Company, "steamboatin' is a unique blend of American beauty and history, its sumptuous river cuisine, lively 'showboat' style entertainment, and the adventure of exploring Mark Twain's riverside America. Charming, historic river ports. Lively cities. Stately plantations. And what a unique way to discover them!

"There's nothing quite like Steamboatin' on the rivers of America's Heartland. Gliding along at a stately 8 mph, your mind has time to wander—back to a time when life was a bit slower and more genteel, when these mighty rivers served as America's natural 'highways,' and an elegant paddlewheel steamboat was the epitome of travel."

Click here to watch the Experience Steamboatin' Video which features the Delta Queen. According to the Delta Queen's itinerary, their next stop in Maysville will be in September.

posted at 1:53 PM by Jeremy Parnell