Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who's This Guy? Ultralights in Mason County

Every year when the weather gets warm I hear an engine humming outside that has a distinctive sound clearly different than a lawn mower. I look up and see... this guy (pictured above) in his ultralight glider. I never see where he takes off, but I usually see him around the Old Washington area. He seems to be out there several times a year when the weather is warm. I must admit, ultralights look like a lot of fun. As soon as those lottery scratchoffs pay bigger than the usual dollar I win, I think I'll get me one. : )

More information about the increasingly popular hobby of flying ultralights can be found at the US Ultralight Association's web site.

Top reasons people enjoy flying ultralights:

  • Their lower cost.
  • The minimal amount of training required. (No FAA license or medical required.)
  • The "wind in your face" experience.
  • The ability to fly "low and slow."
  • The desire to get back to simple "stick and rudder" flying.
  • They're "just plain fun." It's pure, simple, recreational flying.

posted at 11:54 AM by Jeremy Parnell