Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Maysville Academy Photograph Mid-1900s

Where General U.S. Grant attended school at Maysville. Ulysses S. Grant entered this academy in fall of 1836, at the age of 14. Grant's home was in Georgetown, Ohio; he stayed with his uncle nearby while attending school. One of the most famous institutions in Ohio Valley, it was taught by two eminent scholars, Jacob W. Rand and W. W. Richeson. This building erected circa 1829 by Thomas G. Richardson, contractor.

posted at 4:33 PM by Jeremy Parnell


anonymous said...

cost...they did it at a special meeting of the city council at 7am i belive someone wanted to build new townhouses on the site and the state did not let them. bill boggs was there with in a couple of hours digging around..it was a crime.. and very short sighted

12:54 AM
anonymous said...

Such a terrible shame that this building wasn't saved! Does anyone know why? And please don't say cost.

9:02 PM