Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Computer Friends of Augusta Kentucky

Meet Freddy Firewall, one of the Limited Second Edition of Computer Friends
What are Computer Friends? They're pint-sized collectible companions designed to sit on your monitor or desk and keep you company as you use your computer. It just so happens that they are also made in this area, the creation of Ron and Del Bloom, owners of Twin Creeks Farm, just outside of Augusta Kentucky.

Computer Friends are really cool and come in a variety of personalities and ethnicities. They have catchy names like "Larry Laptop" and "DJ Download". Pictured left is "Freddy Firewall," who's sworn duty is to protect your computer from nasty viruses. OK, so I made that up. His real job is to "put a smile on anyone who works-or-plays at a computer," according to creator Del Bloom.

You just never know where computer friends might show up. Two were recently photographed trying to infiltrate the Beehive Tavern in Augusta. They're everywhere!

More about the Computer Friends line of dolls can be found at

posted at 3:59 PM by Jeremy Parnell