Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Moths of Mason County

My porch light attracts them in swarms and, to be honest, they all look the same to me. Still, for all of you amateur entomologists out there (those who study insects), there are actually five different moths living in Mason County, Kentucky. Yes, this post is about moths. In our effort to present things we find on the web, here are The Moths of Mason County Kentucky from the USGS:

Cecropia silkmoth -- (Hyalophora cecropia)
Tuliptree silkmoth -- (Callosamia angulifera)
Hummingbird clearwing -- (Hemaris thysbe)
Snowberry clearwing -- (Hemaris diffinis)
Bella Moth -- (Utetheisa ornatrix (includes U. bella))

posted at 12:30 PM by Jeremy Parnell


Jeremy said...

That's a pretty nice looking moth there!

7:00 PM

You missed one. The lovely, and increasingly rare Luna Moth

Very difficult to find, especially the larva. But it's a sight worth seeing.

9:53 PM