Monday, November 28, 2005

Landmark Washington Opera House Renovations

The 100-year-old Washington Opera House was open this past Friday for one final look before renovations begin. During the open house, artist renderings were on display showing what the theater will look like after. Among the enhancements planned include a lowering of the pit to make it more usable, re-installation of the trap door to the stage, and all of the dressing rooms will be redone. There will also be more doors added and a concession area and restrooms placed on either side of the lobby. Seating for the lower area and first balcony was sent out for reupholstery today. A section that will not be redone is the famous "Loretta's Grave", a brick section of the dressing room where the Washington Opera House's actress-turned-ghost is said to reside and haunt the building. The complete overhaul of the theater is expected to cost $2 Million and take nine months to a year for completion.

posted at 9:01 PM by Jeremy Parnell