Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Picture-perfect Maysville

Excerpt From the Cincinnati Post - 10/13/2000:

Picture-perfect Maysville
Cincinnati Post
Geoff Williams, Post staff reporter

This is where the train meets the river - and the road. I am walking up to the Maysville Fishing Pier and Artificial Underwater Reef. Just above the entrance are railroad tracks. A locomotive is rushing past, the roar of the engine suffocating any other sound. Just ahead is the Ohio River, and looming over that is a mammoth bridge bringing cars into Kentucky from Aberdeen, Ohio. On Second Street, there is a restaurant sign that simply says Eat. Near that is the Limestone Tobacco Shop. Several blocks away is a gazebo, and near that, you'll find a neighborhood pub called O'Roarke's. Welcome to Maysville, Ky., about 50 miles east of Cincinnati on Kentucky 8. If a Hollywood producer wanted to shoot a film with a backdrop of small-town, picturesque Americana, he would be stupid to go to the trouble of building a set. Full Story

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