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Valentine Peers Collins: 1838 - 1905

Excerpt From the Cincinnati Post - 6/2/2003:

He kept the home fires burning
Cincinnati Post
Jim Reis, Post staff reporter

Born in Maysville, Collins spent most of his years in Covington. His life included stints as a lumberjack and a lumber warehouse guard in pioneer Minnesota. He also worked on riverboats and packets, operated a coal-hauling firm, spent several years on the Covington Board of Education, served as president of the Kenton County Water Co. and served on the board of Highland Cemetery.

Collins was born in Maysville in 1838. He was the son of Lewis Collins and brother of Richard Collins. Lewis and Richard Collins would become the publishers of one of the most comprehensive books on the early history of Kentucky.

Unlike his father and brother, however, Val Collins was not interested in printing. His calling would be of a more adventurous nature.

In that regard, Val Collins followed in the footsteps of his namesake. Valentine Peers was his grandfather on his mother's side of the family. A major in the Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War, Valentine Peers served with Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge.

Peers later ran a cotton mill in Maysville and served as a judge. He died in Maysville in 1830 at the age of 74. Full Story

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Jeremy said...

I would love to take a peak at that!

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The Lewis Collins family was an extremely talented clan. Lewis' 1847 History of Kentucky is a wonderul record of the times.
I have an original copy. The cover and backing is poor but the rest is in pretty good shape for a 159 year old book. Son Richard revised it in, I think 1878.
Val was a remarkable man in his own right.
Jeremy, thanks for the posting

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