Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Great Maysville Explosion

Maysville Eagle: 1854

Maysville Eagle, 1854 - This describes a devastating explosion which occurred in the Maysville Powder Magazine. Maysville suffered extensive damage and the town of Aberdeen, Ohio across the Ohio River was also damaged. Rewards were offered but the solution to the cause of the explosion was never learned. $500 was offered by the owner of the Magazine, $500 by the City, and $500 by citizens of Maysville, for a total of $1,500 - a fortune for the times. Around town, evidence of the explosion can still be seen, including a crater in the side of the First Presbyterian Church on Third Street.

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If that's the source of the odd crater I saw, it must have been on heck of a blast. Any estimates on the strenght? Judging by the reports, of damage, would you estimate near-nuclear?

I was looking at topo maps of the area, and it's not conclusive that it's a circular depression, but it's a depression nevertheless.

Good piece of detective work!

- Kevin C. Redden

9:49 AM
Ken Downing said...


Can you tell from the article the exact, present day, location of the explosion ?

7:58 AM
Ron L. said...

Kids playing with matches maybe? It seems incredible that no one was killed.

7:25 AM