Sunday, July 09, 2006

1899 "New South" Riverboat Photograph

1899 photograph of the "New South" river boat run by the Memphis & Cincinnati Packet Co., with decks full of passengers and their family watching from shore. This photo was taken from the Maysville Kentucky side of the river. Across the Ohio River you can see a couple of landings on the Aberdeen Ohio shore.

posted at 2:13 PM by Jeremy Parnell


Jeremy said...

Excellent point Ron. I also have photos around here that I'll dig up where there were actually public beaches along the Ohio River. I don't think a beach would be all that successful these days. : )

2:22 PM
Ron L. said...

Great photo!! I'd love to be on that boat right now.
Also a good picture of how the river wasn't quite as wide back then before the building of the locks and dams.
I have cousins in Maysville who swear they used to swim across the river all the time. One cousin would swim to Aberdeen so he could smoke cigarettes without getting caught.
I think one would have to be a little more concious of boat traffic this day and age if you were undertake that challenge.

7:39 AM