Monday, July 10, 2006

1913 Augusta Kentucky Flood Photograph

1913 photograph of the flood on Third and Upper Streets in Augusta Kentucky. Featured is a woman on horseback in the flooded street. The horse is drinking the flood waters. Although you can't see it here, the message on the back says, "All most every frame house in lower end of town was moved some distance or turned in some way, loss will be great. -- Bedford Hagen." Hagen was an employee of Augusta Liberty Bank.

posted at 6:30 PM by Jeremy Parnell


Jeremy said...

It's possible that it's not. I'm just going of the writing on the photo.

10:06 PM

I dont think this is the 1913 flood? It coverd up the whole bottom floor of my grandparents home in vanceburg.

12:31 PM
Jeremy said...

Not sure Ken. The 1937 flood was said to be the highest in the region, so I can only hope the horse grew flippers.

2:18 PM

Wonder how this compared with 1937

10:27 AM