Friday, August 04, 2006

A Quest for Family History

A relative warned him: Don’t go digging up ghosts. But Jeff Biggers crossed the Ohio River, seeking his ancestors’ long-buried history in Maysville Kentucky.

From the online travel magazine World Hum:

"Heading south, I crossed the Ohio River on a clattering bridge into Maysville, Kentucky. No one in my family had been back to this town in over four generations, dating back to 1865, when my great-great-grandfather crossed the river in the opposite direction, heading northwest to Illinois. He left behind a successful hemp farm. He never spoke about his Biggers family again; two generations later, my grandfather in Illinois wasn’t even sure if we came from Kentucky. In truth, he didn’t want to know."

Read the full story of Biggers' quest to find his family history in Maysville Kentucky.

posted at 6:46 PM by Jeremy Parnell