Sunday, December 11, 2005

Opera House Renovation Committee Seeks Funds

120 years after it was built, The Opera House theater on West Second Street is in need of some serious repairs. The theater has been host to everything from minstrel shows to Broadway musicals. According to the committee, repairs will cost almost $3 million, and they have already raised more than $2 million of that total. The fund-raising effort will continue through March. Contributors who wish to make a gift prior to the end of the 2005 calendar year, should contact Doug Hendrickson, chair of the committee, at 606-564-6846. Donors can spread their gift over a three-year period. Reportedly, the Opera House is the fifth oldest theatre in continuous use in the United States. The first Opera House in Maysville was built in 1853, while a theatre at the current site opened on Feb. 12, 1885. See also: Landmark Washington Opera House Renovations

posted at 1:48 PM by Jeremy Parnell