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Man Attempted To Murder His Family in 1887

This was reported in Maysville Republican June 6, 1887:
John Field lives in the Huddleston neighborhood about half way between Mt. Gilead and Flemingsburg in Fleming County. He is a man of about sixty, has a wife and two grown sons, and until the difficulties stated below, was in good circumstances.

Ferris Bright was a neighbor, and Field had become his security for quite a good sum of money. Bright broke up and the holders of his paper looked to Field for the payment of this debt. In the adjustment of the debt, Field's property got into possession of his sons. After the financial difficulties had been overcome, Field's next move was to regain possession of his property, which was resisted by his sons.

This threw matters into court and got up a family feud, the result of which was the separation of Field from his wife and sons. Thus they lived until recently, when he returned to the family roof-tree. Just how they got along together we do not know, but matters took an ugly shape Saturday night about 12 o'clock.

Reports differ, but of the several that we have heard we give the following. About the hour named, Field shot his wife and his two sons and then sought to end his own life by cutting his throat. Our latest advices say that all parties are still living, though the recovery of the wife and one son is doubful.

There was a follow up article on June 10th saying that although everyone survived, one of the sons had a mini ball lodged in his ear and suffered very much. Field himself was so disgusted by his murder attempts that he tried to suffocate himself to death. It didn't say whether or not he was successful.

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Does anyone know why they called it the Huddleston neighborhood or who it was named after. My grandmother was a Huddleston from Bracken county. Thanks

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