Monday, November 20, 2006

The Pulse: Photographs of Maysville

This week's Pulse comes from Tex69 at Tex's Luavull Cycling and his blog post is about a recent trip day trip he took to Maysville Kentucky from Louisville:
actually, i have a few pics from the day trip to Maysville, the wife's hometown. she hosted her mom's 60th bday party. her mom has always been supernice to me, so i'm very supportive. Maysville is town steeped in early American history as an early town on the Ohio, and one that contributed to westward expansion. it's also known as an important stop on the Underground Railroad. i took some pics of the older buildings in town.

One of the pictures is of the courtyard being remodeled behind the private residence / former restaurant The Bishop's Table. It's owned by Bruce Carlson of Carlson Software and his family. Part of the remodeling involved the relief carvings that you see in the photograph. That isn't poured concrete there. That was handcarved by a stone mason. I saw him working on it over the summer.

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The Pulse is a weekly series at the Maysville Kentucky Blog where we pull something we found in the blogosphere that relates to Maysville and share it with our readers.

posted at 2:02 AM by Jeremy Parnell