Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pirate Publicity: Readership Drive

As the new year inches closer on the horizon, we've been working overtime behind the scenes programming dozens of new features that we hope to unveil in early January. As we get closer to that date, we'll be promoting the Maysville Kentucky Blog and the main site Maysville Explorer more. You can help in this process. If you enjoy reading the articles here, please take a few moments to let others know about us. There's several ways you can do that, but the easiest is to click the "email post to friend" icon below. Tell your friends why you enjoy reading our humble blog and ask them to visit >

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In the movie Pirates of the Carribean, Commodore Norrington says to Captain Jack Sparrow: "You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of."

Sparrow replies: "Ah, but you have heard of me."

Pirate publicity works solely on word of mouth.

To read about pirates on the Ohio River, click here.

posted at 8:19 PM by Jeremy Parnell