Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year, New Sunday Alchohol Sales

The last time New Year's Eve fell on a Sunday was in 2000, and many locals thought it lame that they couldn't celebrate the coming year traditionally (you know, getting sloshed and regretting it) because Maysville Kentucky didn't allow alchohol sales on Sunday. This past year, however, Maysville officials passed an ordinance changing all of that. This year will be like any other weekday New Year's - you can get sloshed and regret it in public!

Many local pubs, taverns, and watering holes plan to take advantage of the new law and throw a party, including O'Rourke's Pub on Market Street. The ordinance permits alcohol sales until 1 am, so that gives you just enough time to watch the ball drop and then clear out. Party on! Just remember to be safe and plan transportation ahead of time. Geno's Taxi's phone number is (606) 564-8911.

posted at 6:34 PM by Jeremy Parnell