Tuesday, January 30, 2007

1937 Flood: How High The River Flowed

The depth of the flood was amazing. This is upper Market Street.
- Ken

Second Street, looking West. You can barely see the first floor of the buildings above the water level. Every one of those buildings have high ceilings on the first floor.

Another photo of Second Street. This is the corner of Second and Market. Most of these buildings are still around in some fashion, but First Street (or Front Street rather) is almost completely gone today. The Lee House and a few row houses are all that remain.

Photograph of one of the residential sections of Maysville Kentucky. It's one thing to see tall buildings sticking out of the water. Here we see ordinary houses almost completely submerged.

Finally, a comparison of the 1937 Ohio River flood to other flood dates. By some accounts, the river reached 80' in height. Notice also how long it took for the water levels to subside as compared to the other floods.

When Mother Nature has something to say, she sure can speak loudly.

posted at 1:52 PM by Jeremy Parnell