Monday, February 05, 2007

The Pulse: Basketball At Maysville High School

This week's Pulse comes from Lieutenant Johnson at MySpace and his blog post is about the glory of playing basketball for Maysville High School when he was growing up:
As a kid growing up in a small town in Northern Kentucky, I had many dreams, most revolving around basketball. I had a passion for the game like no other. I can remember cleaning snow from the local court for two hours, just to be able to play basketball for those fading few minutes of daylight...

I attended Maysville High School, where basketball was king, and any kid who played was treated like a God. I can remember walking down the hall way and seeing the pictures of teams that dated back to the 1930's. but the one thing I remember the most is the 1947 State Championship Trophy, which set in one of the many trophy cases which lined the hall way. I would often stop on my way to class and wonder what it would feel like to hold that championship trophy on the floor of Rupp Arena. Maysville High was a very small school. My senior class had less than 60 students, and there were less than 200 in the whole high school. So the chance of our team ever reaching the state tournament was very slim. My senior year was one of the most exciting for Maysville High Basketball. Our team was 22 and 5 going into the regional tournament.

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posted at 2:28 PM by Jeremy Parnell


New said...

I went to my first game in the Fieldhouse after living here for 7 years. The game was against Lex Catholic and it went into double overtime. Royals win.

I honestly never knew HS basketball could be like this...

10:16 PM
Ken Downing Class of 1957 said...

How well I remember. Except my thrill was in 1956 and a triple overtime win over Nicholas County in the regional finals at Harrison County and the Sweet Sixteen was at Memorial Coliseum.
Oh, and I too wished they had the 3 point shot in 1956.
Thanks for bringing back the memory.

3:44 PM