Tuesday, February 27, 2007

R.I.P. Eagle Creek Covered Bridge

I was reading the recent coverage in the Ledger Independent about the Flood of '97 and was immediately reminded of a bridge that I loved, that used to be over Eagle Creek, just north of Ripley, Ohio. It fell victim to the rising waters that swept through the area 10 years ago this week. It was a historical covered bridge built in 1872 and they had just built a modern parallel bypass in the hopes of preserving it for future generations. Sadly, their plan backfired. The supports on the new bridge caused the water to flow with more force, and the Eagle Creek Covered Bridge was lost.

Eagle Creek covered bridge

It's not the most devastating thing to have happened during the flood. I believe several people lost their lives. The Ledger reported that the flood cost Maysville around $100,000 to keep the water out and in areas not protected by a floodwall, the costs were much higher.

Still, without diminishing all of that, the bridge over Eagle Creek is what I remember. I spent a lot of time around it during my teen years, since my parents lived just up the road. Yes, I admit, some of those sweetheart J + ? carvings were mine. Though I'm about a decade older, haven't carved up historic landmarks in quite some time, and have a new sweetheart, things like that aren't supposed to just wash away.

R.I.P. Eagle Creek Bridge.

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