Monday, December 26, 2005

Painting From Local Artist of St. Patrick's Altar

Local artist Steve White has recently completed a commissioned painting of the St. Patrick's Church altar, print sales of which will benefit the church. The piece is a finely detailed painting of the inside of St. Patrick's Church from the vantage point of looking down the aisle with the altar as a focal point. According to White, the painting was his toughest commission to date because of the changing lights inside the church over the period of time it took him to complete the painting. It was particularly difficult, he said, capturing the brilliant colors of the stained glass windows behind the altar without allowing them to overtake the altar itself. These are limited edition prints, four hundred in total, and can be obtained at The White Gallery on Market Street. More information about Steve White and The White Gallery can be found at his web site:

posted at 10:59 PM by Jeremy Parnell