Thursday, February 02, 2006

Valentine's Day Celebrations

In honor of Valentine's Day, the Homefront Cafe on Second Street will be hosting a Romantic Valentine Dinner for Two on saturday, Feb. 11th between the hours of 6 pm and 10 pm. The menu consists of a tasty salad, choice of either delicious rosemary chicken or robust roast beef served with savory roasted vegetables, fresh homemade dinner rolls and a tempting dessert served with French press coffee or (hot or cold) tea and sparkling cider. Live music will be playing with Larry Puccini on guitar. Make your reservations by Feb. 7th as there is limited seating. Please contact the Homefront Cafe at 606.563.1009 for more information.

Also at the Homefront Cafe throughout the month of February is their special latte drink, "Love Potion #9" (reference to The Searchers song by the same name). The Love Potion #9 is steamed lowfat chocolate milk with espresso and strawberry syrup swirled throughout topped with whipped cream showered with valentine sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate syrup. I think I have a new love : )

posted at 4:39 PM by Jeremy Parnell